What is a stainless steel? ?
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Stainless steel is 60 years of the development of modern materials

Since the beginning of the century since the invention of stainless steel, stainless steel had the image of modern materials and building excellent reputation applications collect at a suit, make its competitors envy.

As long as the correct choice of steel, processing maintenance of appropriate, suitable, stainless steel will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear and tear. Stainless steel or metal materials for building materials in one of the highest intensity. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it can permanently maintain the structural components of the integrity of Engineering design. Chromium stainless steel mechanical strength and also set Gao Yanshen in one, easy part manufacturing, to meet the architects and structural designers need.

In the building, the building and the structure of the industry, is the key to the success of stainless steel has a good corrosion resistance.

Why does stainless steel corrosion resistance?

All metals and the reaction of atmospheric oxygen, formed on the surface of oxide film. Unfortunately, in the ordinary carbon steel is formed on the oxide continues to oxidation, corrosion expansion, eventually forming hole. Can the use of paint or resistance to oxidation of the metal ( e.g., zinc, nickel and chromium plating on surface of carbon steel ) to guarantee, but, as we know, this protection is only a thin film. If the protection layer is damaged, the steel corrosion.

Stainless steel corrosion resistance depends on the chrome, but because chromium steel is one of the components, so the protection method is not the same as.

In addition to 10.5% chromium, steel atmospheric corrosion resistance increased significantly, but the chromium content is higher, although still can improve corrosion resistance, but not obvious. The reason is the steel with chromium alloying treatment, the surface oxide type change became similar to that of pure chromium metal are formed on the surface of oxide. This tight adhesion of chromium oxide surface protection, preventing further oxidation. The oxide layer is very thin, through it we can see the surface of steel natural luster, made of stainless steel with unique surface. Moreover, if the damage to the surface, exposed steel surface and atmospheric response to self repair, to form the" film", continue to play the role of protecting.

Therefore, all stainless steel has a common characteristic, namely the chromium content in more than 10.5%.

Stainless steel type

" Stainless steel " one word is not only a kind of stainless steel, but said more than one hundred kinds of industrial stainless steel, the development of each kind of stainless steel in their specific application areas with good performance. The key to the success of the first is to clarify the purpose, and then determine the correct grade. For further details see stainless steel developed by NiDI" stainless steel guide" floppy disk.

Fortunately, construction and applications related to steel typically only six. They all contain17 to22% chromium, better grades also containing nickel. Adding molybdenum can be further improved by atmospheric corrosion resistance, especially resistance to chloride content in atmospheric corrosion.

Atmospheric corrosion resistance

Experience shows, atmospheric corrosion degree vary from place to place. For illustrative purposes, suggested that the region is divided into four categories, namely: country, city, industrial district and the coastal area.

The village is basically no pollution area. The population density is low, not only the pollution of industrial.

City is a typical residential, commercial and light industrial area, the area has mild pollution, such as traffic pollution.

Industrial zone for heavy industrial pollution area. Pollution may be due to the formation of fuel gas, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides, or chemical plant or factory to release the other gas. The air suspended particles, like iron and steel is produced in the process of dust or iron oxide deposition also can make the increase of corrosion.

The coastal area, usually refers to the distance from the sea a mile area. However, marine atmosphere to spread inland depth, on the island is even more so, the prevailing winds from the ocean, but bad weather. For example, the British climate condition is so, so the state belong to the coastal region. If the wind mixed with ocean mist, especially due to the evaporation of salt deposition caused by agglomeration, plus a little rain, do not often be washed by the rain, the coastal region of the more adverse conditions. If there is industrial pollution, corrosion resistance is greater.

The United States of America, England, France, Italy, Sweden and Australia the research work have been identified in these areas for a variety of stainless steel atmospheric corrosion resistant effect. Relevant content on the NiIDI published" architects" in fact made simple introduction, the book table can help designers to various regional selection of cost-effective best stainless steel.

In options, it is important to determine whether there are local factors influence the use of the environment. For example, stainless steel used in the factory chimney bottom, used in air conditioning exhaust baffle near or scrap yard nearby, there will be a general condition.

Repair and cleaning and other materials exposed to the atmosphere, stainless steel will be dirty. The next lecture will be analysis of the effects of repair and cleaning cost design factors. However, rainfall, artificial irrigation and has dirty between the surface there is also a relationship.

By the same slab placed directly in the atmosphere and stored in a shed where the rain to determine the effect of erosion. The effect of artificial flushing manually with a sponge with soapy water every six months to clean each strip of the right to determine the. It was found, and stored in a shed where and are not washing place slats, through rain and manual scrub to remove surface dust and deposition on the surface, a good role. But also discover, the surface processing conditions also affect the smooth surface of the slats, the rough surface of the slat is better than.

So wash the interval is affected by many factors, the main influence factor is the required standards of beauty. Although many stainless steel curtain wall is only clean glass to wash, but, in general, for external stainless steel washing two times a year.

Typical application

Most of the requirements for the use of long-term to maintain the original appearance of the building is. In determining the selection of stainless steel type, the main consideration is the required standards of beauty, location of the atmospheric corrosion as well as to the use of the cleaning system. [/align]

However, other application more and more is only seeking the structural integrity or impermeable. For example, the industrial construction of roof and side wall. In these applications, the owner of the building cost may be more important than aesthetic, not very clean surface can also be.

In a dry indoor environment using430stainless steel, the effect is quite good. However, in the country and the city to maintain its appearance on outdoor, often need cleaning. In seriously polluted industrial area and coastal areas, surface will be very dirty, even causing rust. But to obtain the outdoor environment aesthetic effect, it required the use of nickel containing stainless steel. So,304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain wall, side walls, roof and other construction purposes, but in the erosion of the serious industrial or marine atmosphere, preferably made of 316 stainless steel.

Now, people have fully realized in structural applications using stainless steel superiority. There are several design criteria included304 and316 stainless steel. Because" bipolar" stainless steel 2205has good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength and elastic strength com., therefore, the European guidelines are also included in the steel.

Product shape

In fact, stainless steel with a standard metal shapes and dimensions production, and there are many special shape. The most commonly used products are made of sheet and strip,

Also plate used in the production of special products, for example, the production of Hot-Rolled Structural Steel and extrusion structure steel. But there are circular, elliptical, square, rectangular and six corner welded pipe and seamless steel pipe and other products, including profiles, bar, wire rod and castings.

Surface state

As would later on, in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects, has developed a variety of different commercially available surface processing. For example, the surface can be highly reflective or glossy; can be smooth, polished or embossed; can be colored, color, plating or etching pattern on surface of stainless steel, in order to meet the design requirements for the appearance of various.

Keep the surface state is easy. Only occasionally washing can remove dust. Because of good corrosion resistance, can be easily removed from the surface of graffiti pollution or other similar surface contamination.


More than 60years, architects have been made of stainless steel to build cost-effective permanent building. Many of the existing buildings illustrates that this choice is correct. Some are very ornamental, such as New York Chrysler mansion. But in many other applications, stainless steel the role is not so attract sb.'s attention, but in the building of the aesthetics and performance is plays an important role in. For example, because the stainless steel than other same thickness of metal material having abrasion resistance and resistance to indentation, so in a large population flows of local building sidewalks, it is the design of choice materials.

Stainless steel used in the construction of new buildings and used to repair the historical places of historic interest and scenic beauty of structure materials for more than 70 years. Early in the design is in accordance with the basic principles of calculation. Today, design specifications, for example, American Society of civil engineers of the standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90" cold formed stainless steel structure design code" and NiDI and Euro Inox published jointly by the" structure of stainless steel design manual" has been simplified by the use of long service life, good integrity of the building structure design.

Future prospect

Because the stainless steel has the building materials requested by many desirable properties, it can be said to be the one and only in the metal, and its development continued. In order to make the traditional application of stainless steel in neutral better, has been in the improvement of existing types, but, in order to meet the strict requirements of advanced building application, now the development of new stainless steel. Due to constantly improve production efficiency, continuous quality improvement, stainless steel has become the architects to select the most cost-effective material for one.

Stainless steel set performance, appearance and use of character at a suit, so the stainless steel will continue to be the world's best one of the building materials.

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