Why does stainless steel will also take magnetic?
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People often think that the magnet adsorption of stainless steel material, verify their quality and authenticity, do not smoke non-magnetic, feel is good, genuine goods at a fair price; the suction magnetic, think it is a fake fake. In fact, this is an extremely one-sided, wrong not to identify practical methods.

Stainless steel variety, room temperature according to the organizational structure can be divided into several categories:

1austenitic: such as 304,321,316,310 etc.;

2martensite or ferrite: such as 430,420,410 etc.;

Austenitic type is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, martensite or ferrite is magnetic.

Usually used as a decoration of the stainless steel tube plate most of Austenitic304material, generally speaking is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, but the fluctuations in chemical composition caused by smelting or processing status of the different magnetic properties may also appear, but this can not be considered to be counterfeit or substandard, what reason is this?

Austenite is the above-mentioned non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic, as a result of smelting when segregation or improper heat treatment, will result in a small amount of Austenitic 304 stainless steel martensite or ferrite. So, in 304 stainless steel can with a weak magnetic.

In addition,304 stainless steel after cold working, organizational structure will be transformed to martensite, the greater the degree of cold deformation, the more martensite transformation, the greater the magnetic properties of steel. Like a lot of steel, production ofΦ 76tube, no obvious magnetic induction,Φ 9.5tube production. Because of cold bending deformation of large magnetic induction is apparent, production of square rectangular tube due to deformation than the cylinder, in particular angle deformation part, more intense magnetic more obvious.

In order to eliminate the causes of304 steel by magnetic, high temperature solid solution treatment on recovery of stable austenitic organization, thereby eliminating magnetism.

Especially to make is, because it causes 304stainless steel, and other materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel,430magnetic completely not the same level, that is to say304 steel magnetic always showed a weak magnetic.

This tells us, if stainless steel with weak magnetically or completely is not magnetic, should distinguish to 3-4 or316 material; if with carbon steel magnetic, showing strong magnetism, because discrimination for not 304material.

We suggest, buy stainless steel products should choose reputable manufacturers of products, not cheap, beware be duped.

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